Our Approach

In the clean-tech start-up world, a company's vision often outpaces its resources.  CS Operations helps to bridge that gap, with the scope of skills required to take a project from concept to execution to ongoing operations.

Areas of Expertise

Our team was purpose-built to include the breadth of skills needed for successful impact investing and sustainable project management - all under one roof. 

Energy & Finance

Clean energy, project finance, due diligence


Electrical, mechanical, chemical, and permitting 

Back Office

Accounting, legal, compliance, and marketing

Featured Projects

Projects managed by CS Operations vary in size, location, and technology, but they share key elements: the potential for strong financial returns and a commitment to sustainability.

Green Life Farms

Using sustainable hydroponic farming practices, Green Life Farms grows fresh, clean baby greens, with no GMOs, additives, or contaminants.

Burgess BioPower

Burgess BioPower generates 75 megawatts of green power using locally-sourced biomass in the heart of New Hampshire's North Country.

Secure Source Energy

Secure Source Energy designs, installs, operates, and manages highly efficient co-gen and tri-gen systems for on-site power generation.